In the Studio: The Futuristics
Check out The Futuristics’ studio complex, sit in on a songwriting session, and dig into one of their biggest hits.


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Jauz: Remixing Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff + Crafting Wise and Wicked Sonic Worlds

Watch Jauz break down his remix of deadmau5’s iconic Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff and read his thoughts on creating music without boundaries.

Arcade Love Songs Giveaway
Field Recording Workshop: Capture Sounds, Edit Samples & Create Music
What do you love about Arcade?
Music Production and the Creative Process: OSCILLATR x Output
Samples as Inspiration: Pop Songwriting & Vocal Production
Tape Loops & Reverse: Arcade’s New Retro-Inspired Features
Delusional Records: A Vision for the Future of Electronic Dance Music
#MadeWithArcade Giveaway
Mixing for Producers | 5 Ways to Improve Your Mix
Macros + Modulation Masterclass | Advanced Arcade
Lisa Vazquez: Finding the Rhythm in Every Sound
Hank Shocklee: From Samples to Sonic Worlds
What Makes a Great Love Song, and Why Do We Keep Writing Them?
Terry Hunter: House Music Will Be Here Forever
In the Studio: Trooko
In the Studio: MUNA
Talkback: Yáng Tan

We spoke to a handful of DJs representing a variety of sexualities, gender expressions, and sonic styles about what it means to be queer in the dance music scene in 2022.

Talkback: Richie Souf

Atlanta-based hip-hop producer Richie Souf talks about learning from Future, the importance of community in music, and the art of repetition.

Buying an original Minimoog will burn a hole in your pocket, but snapping up a soundalike plugin won’t.

On deck is Kelly Rodriguez, Product Marketing Coordinator at Output. A lifelong music lover and music creator with enthusiasm to spare, Kelly is an integral part of the marketing team who helps bring creative campaigns to life.

Get a look behind the sounds at Output. On deck: Rachel Larralde, QA Analyst, whose voice you can hear within the Arcade Line Hooked.

We chat with LP Giobbi, the female DJ and producer who has carved a lane for herself as the “piano house queen” and as a champion for women entering the dance music space.

Introducing Arpeggiator: A powerful new multi-layered performance and arrangement feature in Arcade, now available in update 2.2.

Entertainment attorney and industry consultant Kevin Casini breaks down the five key points every artist should understand going into a deal.

Talkback: Maclaine Diemer

Maclaine Diemer is the lead composer for video game developer ArenaNet. In this edition of Talkback, he demonstrates how two Output FX plugins — Movement and Portal — help him dial in the atmosphere.

TOKiMONSTA joins Output CEO Gregg Lehrman, Editorial Director Dani Deahl, and Native Instruments’ Mahtab Neptune to chat about the future of bedroom producers.

Each month, we release fresh sounds in Output’s inspiration machine, Arcade. Meet our latest Line, Pop Underground, stuffed with technicolor synthesizers, ‘90s-style drums, and fuzzy indie rock guitars.


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What Is an EP? Why Should I Release One?
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Watch the “Cobra Kai” Composers Face off in a Scoring Battle
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The NAMM Show 2020 Highlights
The Modular Synth Starter Kit Guide for Beginners

Producer and multi-instrumentalist Keepitinside builds a hyperpop track from scratch using samples from Arcade’s Future Perfect Line.

The Best USB Audio Interfaces for Home Studios in 2022

Antelope vs. Apogee? Universal Audio vs. Focusrite? Find the best USB audio interface in this guide to take your sound to the next level.

Home recording can be tough if you’re living with roommates or working with limited space. Here’s the best compact gear for an effective small music studio.

Did you know that you’re walking around with a studio in your pocket? Here are the 10 best mobile beat-making apps for novices and pros alike.

The 8 Best Studio Monitor Speakers at Every Price in 2022

Looking for the best studio monitor speakers? From the Output Frontier to the Presonus Eris E5, there’s something for every genre and budget.

Getting the perfect piano sound on a budget doesn’t have to be tough. Here are the best free piano VST options you can download right now.

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