Output Sound Designer, Josh Story, is working day-in and day-out creating presets and recording samples. Needless to say he needs a great pair of studio monitors to hear his work in the best detail. So we asked him to create a list of his favorites ranging from the home to professional studio. This is what he had to say…

By Josh Story


Output Favorites: Studio Monitors

KRK Rokit 8

The Rokit series of KRK monitors are a great affordable option for anyone with a small home studio. These speakers are known for having a hyped bass response but they’re a ton of fun to listen to! Rokits are perfect for hip-hop and bass heavy electronic music. If you have the space, go for the 8” woofers to get the full effect.



Output Favorites: Studio Monitors

Yamaha NS10

You’ll likely find a pair of these in most major studios around the world. Their popularity skyrocketed when engineers chose NS10s as the closest reference to the average home stereo speaker. If your low end sounds good through these, your mix is probably in pretty good shape!


Output Favorites: Studio Monitors

ADAM Audio A7X

ADAM A7X speakers are a remarkable deal for a price point of around $1500 a pair. The A7Xs feature X-ART Ribbon Tweeters, which produce a pristine high end extending all the way up to 50kHz (according to specs). Extending the frequency range so high allows for a detailed, flat response in the range human ears can actually hear. Paired with a 7” subwoofer, the A7Xs have a solid bass response which makes these speakers great for many musical applications. If you want even more low end, the A8X features an 8” subwoofer and the A77X offers dual 7” woofers in a horizontal design.


Output Favorites: Studio Monitors

Barefoot Sound MicroMain27

A top contender among professional studio reference monitors, these speakers are known for clarity and balance. Dual 10” subwoofers paired with 2 x 5.25” mid-bass drivers and a 1” tweeter all enclosed in one monster of a speaker makes the MicroMain27s hard to pass up (if you’ve got $10k to drop on a pair of speakers, that is).


Output Favorites: Studio Monitors

Dynaudio BM15A

As a more affordable option to the MicroMain27s (around $3k per pair), these speakers are great for low-end clarity. The size of these speakers allows for more low-end definition than that of the NS10s, which makes them a great companion along side a pair of NS10s when mixing. We have these in our studio and they sound great.



Output Favorites: Studio Monitors


PMC MB2S are brutally revealing on bad recordings and incredibly deep with wide imaging on great recordings. These speakers impress clients, as they should, with a price tag of $86k. Even at extreme SPLs, the PMC Loudspeakers hold up with no loss of definition and no distortion, which is sometimes heard on studio mains of lesser quality. If you ever have a chance, listen to these speakers. You won’t be disappointed!

Josh Story Output Sound Designer

Josh Story
Sound Designer | Soundcloud
Josh Story is a music producer, sound designer and grammy award nominated recording engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA. Josh is also an amateur electrician, a chef de cuisine, and an all around handy man.

Output Favorites: Studio Monitors by Josh Story

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