In the Studio: The Futuristics
Check out The Futuristics’ studio complex, sit in on a songwriting session, and dig into one of their biggest hits.

Nestled in the trees, light streams through a mid-century residence-turned-studio as A-list artists and up-and-comers fill the production suites. The Futuristics (Alex Schwartz and Joe Khajadourian) realized this vision of a collaborative space after decades of working together and crafting hit after hit for artists like Halsey, G-Eazy, Wiz Khalifa, Justin Bieber and many others. Their ability to pen and produce ear-catching pop songs is rooted in their practice of making talent comfortable, prioritizing connection, and digging into the real-life topics on artists’ minds — exactly what their studio was built for. We had the opportunity to tour their complex, eavesdrop on a songwriting session, and dig into a few open sessions. 

Watch a Live Co-Writing Session

In this installment of Output’s In the Studio series, watch The Futuristics work with a new artist to get ideas down, while simultaneously building out the vibe of the track. They show off how Arcade can be a go-to for idea generation and ear candy, and discuss their goals, milestones, and ethos as producers and musicians. Listen to the final track below.

See a Track Breakdown of a G-Eazy & Halsey Hit

Joe Khajadourian takes us on an exclusive journey through the layers of “Him & I.” Discover the evolution of the song, its unique instrumentation choices, how much to “swing,” and the magic that brought G-Eazy and Halsey’s music and vocals to life. Listen to the final track.

Tour The Futuristics’ Studio Complex

Tour The Treehouse — home of The Futuristics. Alex and Joe discuss what drew them to this mid-century gem, the concepts behind their studio design, and their hopes for what the future of this studio holds.

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