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Watch Jessy Lanza Break Down “Don’t Leave Me Now”

Jessy Lanza dives into her session for “Don’t Leave Me Now” and shows of how the track was made.

Arcade Track Breakdown Giveaway

Make a track breakdown of a song you have using Arcade and you could win a new Macbook Pro M3, be reposted on our socials and more!

In the Studio: The Futuristics

Check out The Futuristics’ studio complex, sit in on a songwriting session, and dig into one of their biggest hits.

Jauz: Remixing Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff + Crafting Wise and Wicked Sonic Worlds

Watch Jauz break down his remix of deadmau5’s iconic Ghosts ‘n’ Stuff and read his thoughts on creating music without boundaries.

Arcade Love Songs Giveaway

Make a love song using Arcade and you could win $2,500, be reposted on our socials and more!

New Co-Producer Creations Contest

Make some new creations with our latest AI tool, Co-Producer’s Pack Generator, and you could win $2,000, be featured on our socials and more!

Field Recording Workshop: Capture Sounds, Edit Samples & Create Music

In this series, producer Dennis Bunton demonstrates the creative strategies behind recording, curating and creating music with field recordings.

What do you love about Arcade?

Record a video telling us what sets Arcade apart and you could win $3,000, be featured on our site and more!

Music Production and the Creative Process: OSCILLATR x Output

OSCILLATR shows off his favorite tips, tricks and creative hacks for starting, developing, and finishing tracks for producers of all levels.

Samples as Inspiration: Pop Songwriting & Vocal Production

Watch how a single vocal chop inspires a full song, along with a variety of vocal production techniques to help achieve a big pop sound.

Tape Loops & Reverse: Arcade’s New Retro-Inspired Features

Tape Loops and Reverse are new Arcade Instrument features based on throwback techniques. Learn more about their inspiration and functionality.