Output music studio desk featured by Apple for Logic Pro X
Image: Apple, Inc.

We’re beyond excited that Apple chose to use the Output Platform desk in their Logic Pro X photo shoot. Not only is Logic Pro a favorite DAW (digital audio workstation) of many Output employees, but it’s also incredibly rewarding to see our music production desk featured alongside the legendary software.

How Apple utilized the Output Platform music studio desk

Our music studio desk (in Kodiak Brown, by the way) naturally highlights the colors of Logic Pro and suits the moody image perfectly. Plus, we love the music-making tools that the Logic Pro X team chose to use.

In the center bay, the Apple team rack-mounted an Apogee Symphony MkII that sits in one of three available rack spaces. Tucked in the left bay is a Moog Mother 32 synth that fits perfectly under the hutch. The convenient size means effortless stowing capabilities whenever you need more room.

Finally, a keyboard controller rests perfectly in the pull-out keyboard tray, with the light hitting it just right.

It couldn’t be a more flattering image from a company we admire. Major props to the Apple Music Apps team.

Output Platform: music production desks for amateurs and professionals alike

Platform is the ultimate music studio desk for the modern musician. Every last detail — from function to construction to finish — was created with incredible care and precision.

Designed by musicians for musicians, this desk is uniquely constructed for music production. Notable benefits include a bridge for studio monitors, nine units of rack space, effortless cable management, and an optional pull-out keyboard tray.