THERMAL’s packing heat, and now your mix will, too. Follow along with us as we show you exactly how to enhance your drums and add width to your vocals using THERMAL.

Drum Mix Enhancement

Don’t leave your drums out to dry. Adding THERMAL to your drum patterns eliminates the bad, and accentuates the great. With THERMAL, you can get as granular as you want — edit your kick pattern by adjusting the low end to create the punch you’ve been missing. Take it a step further with compression, find your sweet spot and give your music a pulse with sidechain.

Add Width and Shine to Vocals

If your vocals feel flat and dull, find the perfect way to fit them into the mix with the warmth of THERMAL. Trade in static vocals for a dynamic performance with the help of the advanced settings where you can expand the spread of your vocals with the width knob and easily add depth. Quickly transform thin vocals by adjusting the drive and finish it off with reverb.