How To Mix Wide Vocals Using Thermal
Need to make wide vocals? If your lead vocals sound flat and dull, find the perfect way to fit them into the mix with the warmth of THERMAL.

If you want to make wide vocals, THERMAL’s packing heat and now your mix will, too. Follow along with us as we show you exactly how to add a widening effect to your vocals using THERMAL. As a bonus, we’ve also included some tricks on how to use THERMAL to get an extra punch out of your drums. (You can never have enough tutorials on how to make great drum sounds, right?)


Add width and shine to vocals

If your lead vocals sound flat and dull, find the perfect way to fit them into the mix with the warmth of THERMAL. Trade in static vocals for a dynamic performance with the help of THERMAL’s advanced settings. For a widening effect look no further than… the width knob! Here you can expand the spread of your vocals and easily add depth.

It doesn’t stop there. Finesse your widening effect by playing with bit reduction, tone, and delay time. To make vocals sound extra beefy, you can also adjust the drive and finish things off with reverb. Voilà — wide vocals.

Drum mix enhancement

Don’t leave your drums out to dry. Adding THERMAL to your drum patterns eliminates the bad, and accentuates the great. With THERMAL, you can get as granular as you want. Edit your kick by adjusting the low, mid, and high ends separately to create the punch you’ve been missing.

Control every part of your drum sound from slight distortion to feedback to waveshaping filters. Then, take it a step further with compression — find your sweet spot and give your music a pulse with sidechain. With just a few tweaks your drums will sound nice and fat, and punch through your mix.

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