Audio News Room Reviews Exhale: “Massive Triumph”
Audio News Room gave EXHALE a spin and loved its modern sound! “Once again, a massive triumph for Output.”

Andy Dollerson from Audio News Room gave EXHALE a spin and loved its modern sound! Here’s a highlight from the review:

“EXHALE is unashamedly contemporary in its sound style. Electronic music aficionados will drool over the presets, and will lose hours creating their own beautiful loops, slices, and pads for their work.

“The voice will always draw the ear’s attention over and above other sounds, and Exhale really enables you to play with vocalizations, creating sounds that barely hint at human involvement, or sounds that drive the rhythm of the piece with sharp vocal cuts at the centre. Once again, a massive triumph for Output.”

Read the full review at Audio News Room. And make sure to check out EXHALE for yourself.

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