Check out some of our favorite Arcade content released over the past few weeks.

Virtuoso – New ARCADE Line

There’s no such thing as too big or too bold. That’s why we’ve collaborated with prodigious instrumentalists to capture their tastiest, most mind-blowingly indulgent performances.

Hooked Refresh – Kit Addition for Hooked

Time to re-up on some fresh Hooked kits! These expertly-produced female vocal kits are designed to glide over the top of your production, right out of the gate.

Future Chill – Kit Addition for Vintage Synths

Warm up your earbuds with these voice-rich chord progressions, beautifully performed on classic polyphonic synths. Inspiring harmonic content for jumpstarting ideas, or for chopping up to make new and unique chord patterns.

Intelligent Beats – Kit Addition for Drum Machinery

Inject some left-field, futuristic drum patterns into your productions with these new hi-fi gems from Drum Machinery. Perfect for fans of Glitch, IDM, or experimental electronic music in general.

Future Pop Bass – Kit Addition for Bassline

Tap into what’s next with these distinctive, forward sounding basses. Use them around basic chord patterns or as building blocks to build chords around, and don’t forget to tweak those macro knobs.