Output Artists share moments in the studio when inspiration strikes with EXHALE.


Producer Sweater Beats shows off two ways EXHALE came through in a big way on his track on ‘Glory Days’ with actress & singer Hayley Kiyoko.

Jessica Rae Huber

Film composer on “Outlander” and “The Walking Dead” whips up a remix of her theme from animated web-epic The Lost Land of Yehey using EXHALE sounds & affecting stutters with MOVEMENT.


Producer Brooke D’Leau hits it on the nose: inspiration comes knocking after you take the first step. The ideas keep on flowing with the lead sound “042. Snap Pop” setting the foundation to this bangin’ beat-making session.

Watch the step-by-step process on how producer Michael Keenan built a beat from EXHALE & SUBSTANCE with rapper Skizzy Mars on ‘American Dream’.


Electronic hip pop producer & DJ Boom Bip adds a percussive flare with EXHALE evoking an emotionally-driven track.