Output and Atrium Artists: The Gloaming Hour With Niia
We hosted an evening at our HQ with Atrium Artists and a small gathering of producers, composers, and songwriters for a meditation session, sound bath, and collaborative music making lead by Producer and Singer, Niia.

Photos By: Manny Singh

We hosted an evening at our headquarters with Atrium Artists and a small gathering of producers, composers, and songwriters. The evening included guided meditation, a sound bath, and a collaborative music-making session led by producer and singer, Niia.

Here’s a glimpse into our intimate event. Stay tuned @Output for upcoming events in our space!

About Atrium Artists

Atrium Artists is a retreat and creative community founded by Julia Willinger, Chrissy Stuart, and Zach Tetreault that has a focus on mental health and wellness for musicians.

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