Music Tech Reviews Signal: “Sonically Stunning”
“SIGNAL is an instrument that’s designed to deliver a wealth of inspiring and intriguing sounds.”

Music Tech gave SIGNAL a 9/10 rating! Here is what they had to say:

“Like a number of contemporary Kontakt-based instruments, SIGNAL’s interface is a masterpiece of elegance and functionality. Despite its complexities, SIGNAL remains clear and clean, whatever layer you decide to operate on — whether it’s tweaking a few simple macros, or exploring the real depths of the Pulse Engines.

“As with REV, therefore, SIGNAL demonstrates that the developers working at Output have a keen eye on contemporary sound design and the sonic needs of many composers and producers working in the field of electronic music.

“From the imaginative, carefully-curated sound sources through to the intricacies and flexibility of the Pulse Engine, SIGNAL is an instrument that’s designed to deliver a wealth of inspiring and intriguing sounds.”

Read the full review over at Music Tech, and grab a free version of SIGNAL for yourself.

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