Musicians Share Why They Love Frontier Studio Monitors
“There are three words I can use to describe these monitors: silky, punchy, and honest,” says !llmind.
Artists and musicians talk about why they love frontier speakers by output

Our Frontier studio monitors have arrived and they’re popping up in artist home studios. From TOKiMONSTA to Richard Devine, musicians are giving out glowing Frontier studio monitor reviews. “There are three words I can use to describe these monitors: silky, punchy, and honest,” !llmind tells Output.

Made in partnership with audio powerhouse company Barefoot Sound, Frontier combines pristine audio fidelity with Output’s hand-crafted design. See what else artists have to say about Frontier studio monitors, and grab a set for yourself. Treat yourself to an audio upgrade!

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There are three words I can use to describe these monitors: silky, punchy, and honest. I’m having such a blast producing with these. They fill up my room perfectly without being too overbearing. They’re also some of the sexiest-looking monitors I’ve ever seen. Do you see that wood grain?”

Richard Devine

“I just spent all day listening to the Frontier speakers, and I have to say I am super impressed. They have an incredible stereo image, with a super-wide sweet spot. The bass is super present and very focused/tight. I was surprised at how much low-end you can get out of these things. The mid-range detail is super smooth and you can listen to these speakers at pretty loud volumes at close proximity with zero ear fatigue. I did some other listening tests at lower volumes with some classical and electro-acoustic pieces, and you could hear every instrument super clearly. The definition and detail are really what grabbed me with these.”

Richard Devine's home studio with Frontier studio monitors by Output and Barefoot audio


“I’m a longtime fan and user of all things Output. They have always had a great balance of inventive functionality and style. That standard holds true with their new studio monitors. For the size, it has a clear bass signal, even without a sub. The high-end frequencies are clear without any added color. I recommend these to anyone who wants great-sounding and impressive-looking monitors.

Ryan Elder

“The Frontier studio monitors are the perfect combination of amazing sound and fantastic design. Output and Barefoot paid meticulous attention to detail, both sonically and physically. Quite simply, these monitors are the complete package. They immediately found a home in my studio.”

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