The 9 composers of ‘The Future Is Female: A Concert For Women In Film’ talk production, gear, women in the film industry, and their sold out concert this weekend.

The creative process

Composers share their unique process on how to write a piece from start to finish, how to stay focused, and how to use pressure from deadlines to produce in their top form.

The composer’s toolkit

Learn about the game-changing tools in their arsenal and how they come into play within major productions such as The Walking Dead, Thor: The Dark World, Luke Cage, and many more.

The Future Is Female: A Concert for Women In Film

Tori Letzler founded The Future Is Female concert with a hope and a dream.
To showcase the women from behind the console and to bring them into the spotlight.

Women in Film & TV

Composers share their inside perspective on navigating challenges, breaking the glass ceiling, and leaving their mark on the music industry.

Making A Difference

How can artists and the industry alike level the score? Composers share their views on building a future that empowers all music makers equally and across all boundaries.

Watch our live coverage of the night with original scores performed by the Hollywood Chamber Orchestra this Sunday at 7 PM PST on our Instagram Story.

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Tori Letzler

Music: “So Much in Common” by Nami Melumad