Check out some of our favorite Arcade content released over the past few weeks.

Faraway Lands – Kit Addition for Distant Voices

This update to Distant Voices features vocals from the far corners of the earth. A dash of authentic world music flavor to spice things up.

Dark Atmospheres – Kit Addition for Obsidian

These eerie, menacing textures will bring something from beyond to your production. Perfect for post-apocalyptic electronic music, film, and sound design. 

Throwback Keys – Kit Addition for The 70s

Authentic, vintage, vibe-heavy keys? Yes please. Let your soul glow with these fire kits that are perfect for funk, soul, classic house, or anything in between.

Brand New Toys! – Kit Addition for Toys

Switch it up with this colorful, character-rich palette of sounds. Knocks, squeaks, tiny guitars, kalimbas, and more.