How To Make Your Own Riser Samples in Rev
Risers are the ultimate tool to build tension and create exciting transitions. REV’s powerful engine makes it quick to design dynamic builds.

Why use riser samples when you can make your own from scratch? Risers are the ultimate tool to build tension and create exciting transitions. From dance floors to movie trailers, the riser has become an essential part of the production process. REV’s powerful engine makes it quick to design dynamic builds without doomscrolling through hundreds of ordinary riser samples.


REV’s powerful FX and intuitive controls do all the heavy lifting. Every patch automatically locks to the host tempo so you are always sure that your risers are in time. The three banks of sounds range in length from a quarter note to four bars. They can all be stretched or compressed with the double-time/half-time function. Longer rises stretch to eight bars for intense builds. And shorter ones shrink to eighth notes for choppy fills or reverse crashes.

The stutter function adds rhythmic texture to each riser. When turned on, risers transform to rhythmic elements. You can combine the stutter with tonal risers for dynamic melodic transitions. For example, when introducing a new synth element, placing a tonal riser in the bar before it comes in makes the transition sound smoother.

And with REV every sound you play will always be in key. If you’re after something more cinematic, you can create a riser by playing chords on your controller. Remember, you will always be in key, no matter the riser’s root note. (We know, it almost seems too easy, right?)

With such a wide array of options, you might never find yourself scrolling through FX folders again. The bottom line is that at any tempo you can instantly create a riser for any occasion. Make tracks your own and ditch the old riser samples for good.

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