Sounds and Gear Reviews Rev X-Loops: “Quality and Flexibility”
“Once you start tweaking and messing with the fx it just goes into another realm, very quickly.”

Sounds and Gear reviewed REV X-Loops and has nothing but great things to say:

“Man, the quality of their content is outstanding, even without doing anything to the sounds they sound great. I found myself wishing I could play many of them as an instrument and not just a loop, really good stuff. Once you start tweaking and messing with the FX it just goes into another realm, very quickly.

“I think this is an awesome way to get into the Output style of instruments, you get to experience their quality and flexibility at a very affordable price. If you’ve ever wanted to try their products, this is definitely a great way to get into it, but I must warn you, once you taste what Output has to offer, you will most likely be hooked.”

Read the full review at the Sounds and Gear website. Also, check out REV X-Loops for yourself.

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