Ask.Audio Reviews Movement: “Immediate Gratification”
Ask.Audio says: “MOVEMENT isn’t just an effect, it’ll improve your quality of life as a musician.”

Ask.Audio is back, and adds to the stack of amazing MOVEMENT reviews! Hear what they have to say in this in-depth piece:

“I found myself using MOVEMENT, from the start, with pretty much every instrument, track, and bit of vocals I could throw it on. There is immediate gratification, for the most part, from every preset. But, when pads come into the picture, MOVEMENT really takes off.

“The effects, the patches, the look, and the way that effects are applied all sound great, and you can tell a huge amount of thought went into each function. It really feels like an effect plug made by a musician, for musicians. But, more than anything, MOVEMENT adds a new vibe to pretty much anything you run through it.”

Read the full review at Ask.Audio.

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