Resident Advisor Reviews Rev: “Creative Instrument”
Resident Advisor reviewed REV and gave it a thumbs-up: “An easy-to-use and fantastically creative instrument.”

Resident Advisor reviewed REV and gave it a thumbs-up. As personal users and fans of Resident Advisor, we were thrilled to see their review pop up on the site. Here’s a short excerpt:

“Of the presets, some of my favourites are actually the simple reverse instruments (piano, Rhodes, acoustic guitar, etc.). But as you can imagine, REV is also a treasure trove, with sounds ranging from lush (Happy Ending) to aggressive (Raptors) and much in-between. There are also plenty of one shots and effects.

“As I’ve said already, the overriding feel is ambient and ethereal, but dig deep and you’ll find all sorts of inspiring stuff in there. Having seen the Forward mode in the instrument presets, I would certainly like to see this for the risers, too. But aside from this gripe, REV gets a thumbs-up. Often the key to getting an instrument right is having a great concept. Output [has] done that and finessed the idea into an easy-to-use and fantastically creative instrument.”

Head over to Resident Advisor’s website to read the full review. And, if you don’t own a copy of REV yet, you can go check out the reverse sound engine here.

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