Maschine Masters Reviews Signal: “Incredibly Adept Instrument”
“Output has created a virtuoso of rhythmic sound design.” Maschine Masters does an excellent review of SIGNAL. Check it out!

Brice Beasley wrote an excellent review of SIGNAL over at Maschine Masters. Check it out:

“Simply put, SIGNAL is a fire starter, capable of inflating your ‘song ideas’ folder in exciting new ways. Just strolling through the factory presets made me acutely aware of my record button’s proximity. Patches range from intricately rhythmic arrays to organic soundscapes. The deeper I journeyed into the factory library, the more possibilities I uncovered.

“As a reviewer, it is my responsibility to approach each review with scrutiny and an objective mindset in order to help you make an informed decision. However, once in a while a product will appear that simply doesn’t offer any bullet points on the complaints list. SIGNAL is one of those products. Output has created an incredibly adept instrument — a virtuoso of rhythmic sound design.”

Read the entire review on Maschine Masters, and try out a free test drive of SIGNAL today.

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