The experts at Music Tech got into the groove with our first audio plugin MOVEMENT:

“Part of the appeal of MOVEMENT, as with Output’s other products, is the way the interface integrates itself into the process. What could be a complicated plugin, therefore, remains intuitive throughout the entirety of its use — immediate and accessible for the first-time user, yet deep enough to keep ardent knob-twiddlers happy for hours.

“MOVEMENT is a tool that works best when a degree of serendipity is thrown into the equation — when you’re not quite sure exactly what you want, but you’re aware your music needs some form of rhythmic or textural lift. The result might be as simple as a small stutter effect, but it will ultimately provide the all-important ‘ear candy’ that your track needs.”

Get the full scoop over at Music Tech, and grab MOVEMENT to put some ear candy into your own tracks.