Explore Kit Generator: New in Arcade Version 1.6
Kit Generator has arrived with ARCADE version 1.6! A brand-new feature, Kit Generator lets you automatically transform any audio file into a full, ready-to-play ARCADE Kit.

Kit Generator is here with Arcade version 1.6! A brand-new feature, Kit Generator lets you automatically transform any audio file into a full, ready-to-play Arcade Kit. Now you can easily create personalized Kits from any of the samples within Arcade or your own hard drive.

We’re always collecting feedback and discovering new ways to make Arcade even better, so let’s take a look at how to optimize your workflow with the new features available in Kit Generator and version 1.6.

Arcade 1.6 Upgrade (Mac)

Arcade 1.6 Upgrade (PC)

If you don’t already own Arcade, new users can get a free trial.


Arcade 1.6 Kit Generator

New in Arcade, Kit Generator lets you make a customized Kit of sounds. Choose any of the samples already in Arcade, or use your own. Let’s check it out. Welcome to Kit Generator.

How to generate a Kit

  • Once you’ve chosen a Line within Arcade, select the “Samples” tab. Then, click “Generate Kit” on any sample to get started! You can also generate a Kit using your own samples. Simply drag them into Arcade, hover over the one you want to use, and click “Generate Kit. Arcade will then analyze the chosen sample.
  • Once analyzed, play around to see all the wonderful ways in which Arcade has already treated your sample.
  • Choose from one of six FX presets at the center of your screen to swap out the adjustable macros and nestle your Kit into the ideal sonic space. Or, turn the FX off altogether.
  • Kit Generator automatically shifts pitch and time to match your new Kit with the session’s current key and tempo. If you need to make an adjustment, click the ellipses. Then, set your preferred key and tempo, and let Arcade do the rest.

How to tweak your custom Kit

  • You can change the way Arcade chops and slices your sample by selecting one of the four “slicing modes,” located beneath the FX hub.
  • Standard mode: Select “Standard” mode to create rhythmic Loops in time with the session tempo.
  • Stretched mode: Use “Stretched” mode to speed Loops up or down, reverse them, or swing them back and forth like a pendulum without altering the sample’s pitch.
  • Shifted mode: “Shifted” mode does everything that “Stretched” mode can do while also pitching the sample up or down within the session’s key. 
  • Chopped mode: Finally, “Chopped” mode evenly distributes Loops across the entire length of a sample.
  • If you want, you can always play the full, original Loop on the high C of Arcade’s keyboard.

Finally, like any proud parent, give your Kit a strong name. And don’t forget to save! Now, you can access your new Kit any time via the “Custom Kits Library.”

It’s never been so easy to customize Arcade’s state-of-the-art sample-processing engine, so get out there, play nice, and most importantly…have fun.

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