How long will it take for my order to ship?
ProductColorShipping Estimate
Shipping Estimate
PlatformKodiak BrownBackorderedBackordered
PlatformDriftwood GreyBackorderedBackordered
SidecarKodiak BrownBackorderedBackordered
SidecarDriftwood GreyBackorderedBackordered
Speaker StandsKodiak BrownBackorderedBackordered
Speaker StandsNaturalBackorderedBackordered
Speaker StandsDriftwood GreyBackorderedBackordered
Frontier Speakers___BackorderedBackordered
(Single Width)
Charcoal, Granite, SunsetBackorderedBackordered
(Double Width)
Charcoal, Granite, SunsetBackorderedBackordered
Bass TrapsCharcoal, Granite, SunsetBackorderedBackordered
DiffuserKodiak BrownBackorderedBackordered
DiffuserDriftwood GreyBackorderedBackordered
* – The product with the longest shipping estimate time will dictate the fulfillment time for a multi-product order.

* – Please note that “shipping estimate” is the estimated time it takes to ship your order. Actual shipping and arrival times will vary based on location.

How much is shipping?
United States

Platform: $150 flat rate shipping
Sidecar: $85 flat rate shipping
Stands: $65 flat rate shipping
Frontier: Free shipping
Absorbers: $49 flat rate shipping ($74 with add-on panels)
Bass Trap: $49 flat rate shipping
Diffuser: $49 flat rate shipping


Platform: Varies by location
Sidecar: Varies by location
Stands: Varies by location
Frontier: Free shipping
Absorbers: Varies by location
Bass Trap: Varies by location
Diffuser: Varies by location

Please note that you will need to pay your country’s duties and import taxes in order to receive this product. 
This cost will vary based on where you live.  

Where do we ship?

We currently ship to the following areas:
United States (lower 48 states)
UK / Europe

If you are in Alaska or Hawaii, please contact our support team for a custom delivery quote.

We also have Resellers for Platform in the following countries:
New Zealand
South Korea

We are unable to deliver to PO Boxes, APO or FPO addresses.

For a complete list of international retailers please visit our dealer page.

What if I live outside the US, Europe or Australia?

So sorry, looks like you’re further than our trucks can drive. We’re working as fast as we can to get our studio gear to you quickly and at a reasonable shipping cost.

Want to be the first to hear when our studio gear is available in your city?

Yes, let me know

How is it going to be delivered?

US: We ship via FedEx.
Europe: We ship via TNT.

Shipping Address Changes

Please inform us right away if there is a need to change your shipping address. If you fail to inform us until after the package has been delivered to the incorrect address, there will be a fee to re-ship it to a new location.

Order Cancellation

Due to the speed in which orders are processed, it is very difficult to cancel an order before it is shipped. Please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll do our best. If the order has already shipped, the cancellation will be treated as a return.

Order Tracking

Once the package leaves our warehouse, you will be emailed the FedEx, UPS or TNT tracking number.