Arcade Data Policy

We’re committed to offering complete transparency when it comes to our customer’s personal data. The purpose of this page is to ensure Arcade users understand what data is being collected, where it is stored, how it is used, and how to request a copy.

All data listed is kept private, secure and is never shared with a third-party.

Output uses your data in Arcade in order to:

(a) Validate that you’re a subscriber and comply with our user agreement.
(b) Give you access to the things that only you have liked and downloaded in the browser.
(c) Improve Arcade based on how it’s actually used.

We strive to constantly improve Arcade by adding valuable features and provide more useful content. As part of that we might roll out new features that utilize your data differently in the future. When that happens, we will let you know how this policy has changed and offer you opportunities to opt in/out in accordance with the applicable laws.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your data, please submit a support ticket and our support team will assist you.

How we collect data:

There are two ways in which we collect your data; through a sales transaction on our website (Transaction Data), and through the use of Arcade (Service Data).

Transaction Data: When signing up for Arcade, you will be asked to checkout at which includes providing your name, email, billing address, credit card information, and creating an Output account. All of this data, excluding credit card information, is stored securely on our web database. Credit Card information is stored securely with Braintree Payments and is never stored on Output databases.

Service Data: Arcade is an internet connected application. In order to use the product, the user must login using an Output account. Once logged in, Arcade will collect user behavior data (as listed below) and store that data on a secure database. Your behavior data can be tied to your transactional data. (See “How we use data”). Arcade also uses your computer’s hard drive serial number to create unique ids for network requests and authorization.

Why we collect data:

Transaction Data: We collect transaction data in order to facilitate the purchase. The information collected is the minimum required in order to provide the service while also remaining compliant with laws around the world.

Service Data: We collect Service Data in order to provide and improve Arcade’s user experience. Here is how we use it specifically:
(a) The data collected allows us to understand how Arcade is generally most used. It guides us in providing better content and improving user experience.
(b) The data collected helps us suggest relevant content and features to you.
(c) Your Output account is used in Arcade to validate your subscription and personalize your browsing experience (download history across multiple computers, download filter, and favorite filter).
(d) We use service data to ensure compliance with our user agreement. For example; ensure a valid subscription is in place, enforce max machine activations and enforce concurrent usage.

How we use data:

Transaction Data: Transaction Data is used for sales analysis, administrative purposes, and marketing.

Service Data: Service Data is used for providing the service, analyzing how Arcade is used, and improving the user experience. We may also use this data in conjunction with Transaction Data to email you based on your Service Data history. You may opt-out of those emails at any time.

What data is collected:

Transaction Data:
(a) Name
(b) Email
(c) Billing Address
(d) Credit Card information
(e) Subscription plan
(f) Activation date
(g) Cancellation date

Service Data:
(a) Operating system and version
(b) Output account email address
(c) Device Type
(d) DAW Name/version
(e) Hard drive serial number
(f) Session Start time
(g) Session End time
(h) Action: Login
(i) Action: Preview Line
(j) Action: Open Line view
(k) Action: Open Kit
(l) Action: Preview Kit
(m) Action: Download Kit
(n) Action: Load Kit
(o) Action: Save Kit
(p) Action: Preview Loop
(q) Action: Download Loop
(r) Action: Load Loop
(s) Action: Search
(t) Action: Favorite content
(u) Search query content
(v) Offline session percentage

Requesting and deleting data:

You have the right to request the data that has been collected and also request to delete that data from our databases. In some cases, it may not be possible to 100% delete all data but rather we can anonymize. This is handled on a case-by-case basis.

In order to request your data, please follow the link in your Output account on

Revoking consent:

Service Data:
Arcade requires its Service Data in order to function. If you would like to revoke consent from Service Data being collected, please end your subscription.

In order to revoke consent from receiving marketing emails, please use the “Email Preferences” link located at the bottom of an Output email.