Looking to expand your sample library and snag some dramatic sound effects? Lucky for you, we have you covered in these new Kits for Arcade. If you’ve never used a loop synthesizer plugin as a part of your tracking process, Arcade by Output is a great start.

Below, listen to all the new sounds Arcade has to offer, from stuttered and pulsing synths to tense woodwinds to drones. If you need a touch of drama for sound design, scoring, or an experimental pop song, these Kits are for you.

ARCADE has new uploads every day, so there are always brand new samples to discover. Check out some of our top picks (and spooky surprises) for those who like a little extra kick in their production.

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Sounds of Terror II: new Kits for Nightmare

Piercing screams, animalistic yelps, and disturbing FX creepy enough to make your skin crawl. This Kit is full of dramatic sound effects that will turn you from a producer to a mad scientist in the studio. Get your “Thriller” on in Nightmare by Arcade. Niche sounds like these may seem untouchable, but in Arcade, a dramatic scream has limitless potential. An odd sample could turn into the one-of-a-kind sound your track was missing.

Woodwinds of the World: new Kits for Passport

Trips around the world are expensive, a journey through Passport in Arcade is not. Uncover the extraordinary sounds, pitches, and timbres of international instruments. Passport is the perfect way to experiment with the edginess of microtonality in your next project.

Dramatic Tension: new Kits for Overture

If you’ve been looking for a soundtrack to demonstrate just how intense this past year has been, look no further than our orchestral line, Overture. The driving force of a timpani or the gentle sound of tremolo strings can paint a dramatic musical picture.

Seeing Synths: new Kits for Feedback

These Kits are light on melody but heavy on heaviness. Suited for producers that make future bass, industrial, or anything electronic-based that leans dark and angry.

These Kits are only a fraction of the sounds available in Arcade by Output. A loop synthesizer plugin is the perfect addition to any producer’s setup — download Arcade and and try it for free.