Looking for lo-fi drum loops but don’t know where to start? Give Arcade by Output a try. Lo-fi (i.e. low-fidelity) music has boomed in recent years and quickly become a popular music genre. Lo-fi, as its name suggests, has imperfections or technical flaws that are usually edited out or re-recorded. But, in this genre, acoustic “flaws” are embraced.

Lo-fi ushered in an era of boundary-pushing bedroom producers, independent artists, and the super popular ChilledCow YouTube live stream for late-night procrastinators and early morning studiers alike.

Output has four new Lines and Kits for Arcade with hundreds of one-shots, loops, and live samples that can be adjusted and tweaked into lo-fi beats for your next track. Check the most recent additions out.


New Line: Drum Machinery

Hankering for a drum machine? Bam! How about all of them? Dig into a collection of electronic percussion, layered and prepped to perfection. Delight your senses with subby booms, fat snares, precise rhythms, grim thumps, and uncommon sounds that could only be created by a dash of electricity. Lo-fi drum loops in seconds.

New Kits for Nightmare: Sounds of Terror

This might not sound like the Kit to go to for lo-fi, but there are unexpected gems within. Use bouncy, dark, and pulsing synths, throbbing subs, or atmospheric FX that can be molded into lo-fi elements that stick around in the back of your brain.

New Kits for Chopped: Impressionist Pianos

New Kits for Chopped include keys that lift and fall, shift gently, and then resolve. Dreamy jazz piano is a hallmark for so many lo-fi tracks, and now those sounds are at your fingertips. Use these vibey pianos for anything that needs a dose of subdued beauty.

New Kits for Hooked: Hooked Refresh

These new sublime vocals will freshen up your tracks. Need some gentle harmonization to carry the melody along? Or what about some watery, reverb-laden “ah” and “yeah” ear candy to scatter throughout a tune? They’re all here, waiting to be used in Hooked.

New Kits for Passport: Global Guitars

These soft guitars are the sweetest backdrop for transporting your listener. Whether it’s the plucks from a Spanish vihuela or a soulful sitar loop perfect for when the sun goes down, there’s a wealth of sounds to choose from. Passport showcases the different personalities of the guitar in its various forms across the globe.

Check out the other sounds Arcade can create. Every single Kit features editable sounds that can mold into something completely fresh. New users get a free trial.