Check out some of our favorite Arcade content released over the past few weeks.

Drip – New ARCADE Line

Every lyricist needs a dope producer; someone to complement their words with gliding subs, screwed hats, and repetitious melodies dipped in hypnotic syrup. That’s why we’ve assembled a who’s who of modern hip-hop essentials into a Line ready to go right out of the box. Just add bars.

Summer’s Here – Kit Addition for Poolside

Summer’s here and we’ve got the sounds for you to make your own soundtrack. For fans of dream-pop, future chill, and the like.  

Lush Rhodes – Kit Addition for Chopped

Modern chord progressions arranged in highly playable slices played on beautifully recorded Rhodes? Sounds like a day spent making tracks.

Eclectic Ensembles – Kit Addition for Patterns

Choose your fighter. Explore these wide-ranging, tonally-rich Kits featuring cello, guitar, dulcimer, mallets, woodwinds, and more.

Classic Kitsch – Kit Addition for The 80s

These highly authentic synth Kits are the sound of what made the 80s so unique- maximum quirk, retrofuturism, and over-the-top expression. Perfect for fans of synthpop and early electro.