New in Arcade: Hip-Hop and Dream-Pop
ARCADE by Output is a loop synthesizer with new additions added every day. Check out Drip, ARCADE’s Hip-Hop Line, available now.

Output’s loop synthesizer, Arcade, releases new content every month, and we have good news if you’re searching for hip-hop samples. Arcade’s hip-hop Line, Drip, is brand-new and available now. Check out Drip, along with more of our favorite Arcade loops and samples released over the past few weeks below.

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New Line: Drip

Every lyricist needs a dope producer — someone to complement their words with gliding subs, screwed hats, and repetitious melodies dipped in hypnotic syrup. That’s why we’ve assembled a who’s who of modern hip-hop essentials into Drip — a Line ready to go right out of the box. Just add bars and a fancy hi-hat pattern.

New Samplers for Poolside: Summer’s Here

Summer’s here and we’ve got the sounds for you to make your own soundtrack. For fans of dream-pop, future chill, and the like, Arcade has guitar lines, sounds of a Rhodes, and light drums perfect for flirty songs about love.

New Samplers for Chopped: Lush Rhodes

Spend the entire day tracking with the nostalgia and warmth of the new Rhodes Kits in Chopped. Not everyone can get their hands on analog gear — Arcade to the rescue! All you need to create a lush, warm-sounding track are your favorite five Arcade Lines and a laptop…don’t forget your charger.

New Samplers for Patterns: Eclectic Ensembles

A unique timbre is sometimes all a track needs to transform itself into something brand new. Choose your fighter and bring unparalleled texture to a flat track with Organic Kits in Patterns. Explore these wide-ranging, tonally-rich Samplers featuring cello, guitar, dulcimer, mallets, woodwinds, and more.

New Samplers for The 80s: Classic Kitsch

These highly authentic synth Samplers are the sound of what made the ’80s so unique: maximum quirk, retrofuturism, and over-the-top expression. Perfect for fans of synthpop and early electro.

Get Drip’s hip-hop samples and more Arcade Lines free for 30 days. And keep the party going with these indie-pop and Nashville-inspired Samplers.

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