New in Arcade: Hip-Hop and Ambient Gems
Hear the newest hip-hop gems like guitar licks, ambient waves, and UK drums. Exclusively in ARCADE.

Fuzzy chords, ambient waves, and banging drums: these hip-hop gems make up only a fraction of material in the new Samplers in Arcade. We’ve been hard at work putting together all sorts of sounds to boost your inspiration and serotonin, from mellow guitar licks to your next go-to snares. Check out some of our favorite content released over the past few weeks.

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New Samplers for The 70s: Feel Good Guitars

Guitars are an unsung hero of almost every song you love, and these major key beauties bring positive vibes in droves. Suitable for a wide range of production styles, both retro and modern, guitar licks elevate a track from any genre. The next time you need to elevate the mood and vibe, try a throwback guitar.

New Samplers for The Crate: Hip-Hop Gems

We’ve gone digging and hand-selected this collection of perfectly sliced Samplers, royalty-free and ready for your next beat. In Arcade, you only need one Sampler to make magic happen, and for hip-hop enthusiasts, this is it. Inside, you’ll find hi-hats, kicks, and alternative snare sounds waiting to be customized to fit your beat. 

New Samplers for Trash Drums: Dirty Downtempo

These new drum Samplers harken back to UK music of the ’90s and early ’00s, an era where drum loops were grimy and untamed, where snares often rang and sang louder than the vocalists they accompanied. So go ahead, roll back the clock and dig into the Trash Drums Kit in Arcade.

New Samplers for Aura: Meditative States

Slow down and breathe. Just playing these sounds is instant sonic therapy, but they are even better as to create an ambient mood in a track. Try blending these pads into existing productions of all types to add a calming, atmospheric effect with depth and beautiful layers of meditative and cinematic goodness.

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