Check out some of our favorite Arcade content released over the past few weeks.

In a World – New Line

High impact trailer sounds. Choose from tense pulses, gut-punching drops, ominous tick-tocks, dramatic swells, blasting war horns, piercing alarms, and expansive impacts that grab a listener’s attention.

Piano Chops – Kit Addition for Chopped

10 new piano Kits released in the Chopped Line.

Hazy House – Kit Addition for After Hours

10 new dark and minimal dance kits now available in After Hours.

Afrobeat – Kit Addition for Pocket Band

10 Driving, rhythm forward kits with attitude. Lose yourself to the groove with this new Afrobeat focused addition to Pocket Band.

Bassline – New Line

Roll deep with a new posse of earth-shaking low end loops bestowed upon us by the bass gods.