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MOVEMENT Walkthrough

Last Updated: November 2019

Built equally for the studio or stage, Output’s first audio plug-in, MOVEMENT, is a revolutionary engine that allows you to seamlessly add rhythm, depth, and modulation to any input.




MOVEMENT is an effects plugin that was specially created to breathe life into any track or live performance in real-time. Whether it’s an instrument, whole mix, synth vocals, or a DJ set, this modern engine can create rhythms that are unlike anything else.

Using MOVEMENT’s Presets and XY Pads

With a comprehensive list of over 300 presets categorized by character, input, and rate, MOVEMENT is a powerhouse of an engine. The rhythms go from crazy and intense to simple and subtle – and are easy to lock into a tempo.

Once you’ve selected a preset, use the XY pads to automate the rhythm or dial for the exact sound you want. Each XY pad is a macro that controls multiple parameters simultaneously (i.e. the pad’s slider can control both the filter and delay).

The parameters you control are entirely up to you. To select and edit each parameter, simply select the X slider circle.


Modulating Parameters with MOVEMENT

The engine is ultimately built for quick and easy use, so modulating within MOVEMENT is extremely simple. Start by choosing the source in each engine and modulate the rate or rhythm within it. Then, all you’ve got to do is drag the number to the knob (located underneath the engine circle) – and that’s it!

MOVEMENT has a variety of modulation options. Adjust the volume, tweak the pan knob, and change any of the parameters within the onboard effects – such as stereo delay, analog-modeled filter, and tube distortion.

Want your track to be more modulated? Move the slider – within the knob – to the right. For ‘less’ modulation, move it to the left.

If you’re feeling a little lost, just click the question mark located at the top right corner and the program will walk you through what each knob does.


MOVEMENT’s Sidechain Modulation Mode

One of MOVEMENT’s most useful features is the sidechain modulation mode. With the sidechain input, you can easily modulate filters, reverb, distortion, EQ delays, and more – simultaneously.

What’s more, you can pump your sound in either direction: ‘Boost’ or ‘duck’ any given parameter, both in unipolar and bipolar modes.

With a number of exciting features and parameters, MOVEMENT is an incredibly powerful FX plugin. Order MOVEMENT today and add rhythm to any instrument, synth, full track, or raw sound in real-time.



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