Movement by Output Walkthrough Video
Built equally for the studio or stage, MOVEMENT is a revolutionary engine that allows you to seamlessly add rhythm, depth, and modulation to any input.

This MOVEMENT walkthrough video will have you making the most intricate modulations in no time. Built equally for the studio or stage, MOVEMENT is a revolutionary engine that allows you to seamlessly add rhythm, depth, and modulation to any input. Use it with an instrument, a whole mix, a synth, vocals, or even a DJ set. It is equally powerful in the studio — for those writing and producing — and in a live setting. The rhythms can vary from crazy and intense to simple and subtle. No matter what, every rhythm in MOVEMENT is musical and can lock to tempo.

Advancements in sidechain modulation and the combination of LFOs, step sequencers, Flux, and macro controls mean you can create rhythms with MOVEMENT unlike anything else. MOVEMENT is built to be a powerhouse of an engine but organized simply for quick and easy use. So, let’s take a quick overview and show you how it works.


For most people, you’ll start with the browser and select one of 300 presets based on the type of rhythm or character. Once you’ve selected your preset, you can use the XY pad to dial in the exact sound you want or automate the rhythm within your DAW. The XY pads are actually macros controlling a lot of parameters at once. For example, a slider can control the filter while also controlling the delay. Anything assigned to the XY pad has a little circle where you can click through and edit parameters. You’ll also see a wet/dry slider up top, and this is very useful for bringing MOVEMENT in and out. 

MOVEMENT’s power comes from blending the original source with four unique rhythm engines, each with sidechain modulation, LFOs, step sequencers, Output’s proprietary Flux Mode, and a powerful randomizer. In addition, analog-modeled FX also give a sense of motion. Imagine reverbs and compressors pumping, filters, EQs opening and closing, delays morphing, and even tube distortion warming and cooling.

In total, there are 76 parameters you can modulate at one time. With four engines, the rhythm you hear is truly a blend of many things at once.

Modulation within MOVEMENT is extremely simple. You choose the source in each engine and within that, the rate or rhythm. Then you just drag the number to the knob. That’s it. If you want to modulate more (remember, modulate is just the technical term for a change), move the slider to the right and less to the left. Right-clicking allows you to unassign and even change XY pad settings.

An exciting feature in MOVEMENT is the sidechain modulation mode. We’re all used to classic compressor sidechain, for example, but here we’ve set up the sidechain input to modulate filters, reverb, distortion, EQ, delays, and more all at one time. That means literally anything coming in can serve as the source for your rhythm.

Also, note you can pump the sound in either direction as a boost or a duck, and in unipolar and bipolar modes. Flux Mode is another exciting feature that adds a little bit of insanity to the rhythm but in a really musical way. You’ll hear it in lots of presets, and it’s essentially great amounts of modulation being controlled by the other rhythm.

You can modulate all kinds of knobs from volume and pan to any of the parameters within the onboard FX, which includes stereo delay, analog-modeled filter, analog-modeled EQ, digital reverb, distortion, and a VCA compressor. Just to be clear, we know you have great delays, reverbs, and compressors of your own. These aren’t meant to be used as insert FX, but rather these have been optimized for modulation. After all, that’s what MOVEMENT is all about.

Our goal is to create a single place for you to go and add depth and modulation to anything. If you ever find yourself needing help, click the question mark icon in MOVEMENT to display what each knob does on the screen. We hope this MOVEMENT walkthrough video was helpful. Have fun modulating!

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