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The Birth of Output

At the inception of Output, we had no intention of making a company that we’d take public.  We set out to make a product – for us – that we REALLY wanted.  Like many of you, when we write/produce music we dive pretty far into the sounds and a personal favorite was flipping various elements in reverse.  And yet, the process of flipping/cutting/sliding it all around was painstakingly frustrating. So two years ago we set out to build ourselves a great toy.

As most stories go, we quickly realized how over our heads we actually were.  So we upped the ante, brought on what became close to 40 collaborators, partnered with Native Instruments, licensed their fantastic software and built something far beyond our initial idea.

REV started out as a virtual instrument meant to solve a technical problem, to play things in reverse in real time.  But as we sampled musicians we began playing around… creating pads, pulses, swells etc. and were struck by the organic and unexplored nature of these sounds.  Who had ever heard the sound of a piano in reverse looped to create a pad?  And how did that sound when we doubled it with a guitar harmonic, stuttered sine wave, or a reverse beat?  We were inspired and so our first draft of REV went out the window.  A year later we’ve completed our current release, and it solves the same technical problem, but also introduces you to sounds that inspire.  Whether you are a composer, a producer or an artist, we invite you to come explore something new.

– Output team

REV is a revolution in software instruments, dedicated to flipping your perception of audio in reverse.

More than your standard DAW reverse function, REV is a four-part instrument packed with a world of sound based entirely on reverse elements for producers, composers, artists, DJs and sound designers. Each of the 4 parts of REV have their own unique sound engine loaded with over 14GB of content including synths, real instruments, multilayered organic pads, loops, rises, pulses, swells, stutters and more.



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