Producer Spot Reviews Substance: “Output You Really Nailed It”
Producer Spot calls SUBSTANCE “The first big innovation in bass music since Massive.”

If you’re the type of producer that likes to toy around and automate bass in all sorts of ways, then read on. Merlin Györy from Producer Spot has written an in-depth look into SUBSTANCE bass engine.

“I would say it is the usability that makes it sound so amazing. The fact that it is so easy to automate and interlink so many parameters across so many sound or modulation sources make[s] it wonderfully easy to crate constantly changing, evolving sounds. Output, you really nailed it!

“The biggest selling point for me is that it was so much fun to play with this instrument. It just feels right and helps you do what you want to do intuitively. In many presets I found myself reaching for one of the macros experimentally, and often it already did what I had in mind, without me having to assign anything.”

Get the full scoop over at Producer Spot. And, go ahead and try out SUBSTANCE for yourself.

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