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Output Fans Show Off Their Studios

Thorsten Ludwig via Facebook

A few months ago we asked our friends on Facebook and Instagram to post photos of their studio setups using the hashtag #studioshowoff. Here’s a few of the really impressive shots.

10868065_10152487948010978_6945971628735500213_n-1Brandon Crabtree, Dallas, TX via Facebook

1511867_10152877736905699_1229352654854434664_oYuichiro Maeda, Nara, Japan via Facebook

10857965_10103077869731420_4199090419350354119_nDaniel Rojas, Los Angeles, CA via Facebook

10849814_10152981368288793_4361495909887152077_nColin Selby (Bronzewing) via Facebook

Gavin Little, Echolab, Dublin via Instagram

10470852_10204404497384529_1225545261155516291_oMarco Klaassen via Facebook

1798816_746245165465226_8208773544860238567_nTriniti Coclough via Facebook

1779753_919809078043378_8606175300194958803_nRobert Diekmann via Facebook

Neets Ttevek via Facebook

10846280_1508406296105276_7564770702430619928_nMichael McGlynn, Vienna People Studios, Sydney Australia via Facebook

10846280_1508406296105276_7564770702430619928_nOliver Bergereau, Bordeaux, France via Facebook

Rick Logic via Facebook

10846280_1508406296105276_7564770702430619928_nJohn Dahl Honoré, Master Fade Music, Berkeley CA via Facebook

10846280_1508406296105276_7564770702430619928_nFluid Karma, “Somewhere in Germany” via Facebook

Adi Rowe, The Hideaway, Southampton, UK via Facebook

Wesley Niels, Amsterdam, Netherlands via Facebook

Craig Jansson, Melbourne, The Backlot Post, Australia via Facebook

If you have a cool studio shot that you’d like to share, use the hashtag #studioshowoff on Instagram or post it here in the comments section on Facebook.


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