Scorecast Online Reviews Signal: “Flat-Out Brilliant”
“Output has once again created an intuitive and inspirational composing tool of the highest production standard.”

The good folks over at Scorecast Online came right out of the gate with an amazing review of SIGNAL:

Output first came on the sample library scene nearly a year and a half ago with their groundbreaking and highly acclaimed release REV. The library was so forward-thinking with such an unorthodox concept that many have wondered how they could possibly follow up that release. The answer comes in the form of their brand-new, pulse-driven sample library: SIGNAL.

“SIGNAL combines the warmth of analog and aggressive synthesis with an immense collection of organic, sampled instruments, but the true lure of the library rests with the inclusion of its pulse engine, which allows for up to four independent, tempo-locking rhythms across two separate sound source layers to create that ‘heartbeat’ at the center of your track.

I am just going to come right out and say it: SIGNAL is flat-out brilliant! Output has once again created an intuitive and inspirational composing tool of the highest production standard. The immediate application and immense depth to SIGNAL’s instruments will keep this library as fresh many years from now as it was the day you bought it.

Read more on Scorecast Online and grab SIGNAL for yourself to spice up your production.

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