How To Make Organic Reversed Pads and Textures in Rev
Reversed audio, like pads or plucks, creates exciting sound design. Check out this video on how to make organic reverse textures using REV.

At Output, we’re obsessed with reversed audio, from pads to chords to individual plucks. They are essential to sound design. Reverse sounds provide texture and excitement for everything from dance music to move trailers. And while they sound spectacular, they can be frustrating and time-consuming to work with. REV makes the task as simple as striking a note on your controller. 

Check out this video on how to make organic reverse textures using REV.


REV’s dual layering system allows you to play a sound forward and backward at the same time. This is called a Sling, and you can create these unique textures with speed. Slings are always tempo-synced with your project, so changing things up to try something new is stress-free. Since REV does the busy work, you can play with an original sound and its reversed duplicate in real-time without fuss. This means your brain is freed up to experiment with FX, ASDR, or modulation.

And since every original sample in REV is recorded in a professional studio using top-tier gear, the results are rich pulsating textures that make exquisite pads.

Slings are an obvious choice for cinematic textures and atmosphere — they help establish the mood in a trailer or score. In emotive dance music genres like future bass or trance, Slings can provide movement for chord progressions. They’re also a great way to build tension in a breakdown.

If you’re making atmospheric indie-dance like M83, Trent Reznor, or Clint Mansell, Slings add an extra level of depth to your sound. The Sling layer is the star of the show here, providing complex textures your ear can’t ignore. However, you’ll quickly realize the full spectrum of REVs ability to transform reverse sounds. Several instances of REV can come together to form a multi-dimensional soundscape. And with relative ease.

If you like the reversed pads from the video and own REV you can download the free patches here: Organic Reverse Textures.

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