Jono Buchanan praised SIGNAL in his review for Resident Advisor:

SIGNAL strikes a wonderful balance between providing out-of-the-box patches, whose presets inspire creativity, and a comprehensive collection of user tweaks. More importantly, it has plenty of surprises, not the least of which is that I’ve regularly turned to SIGNAL even when I want sounds that don’t use pulse engine technology.

Though the enormous number of ways that sounds can motor and morph are central to SIGNAL’s philosophy, it’s also a fantastic collection of raw sounds that can be polished, distressed, honed, or combined without an arpeggiator or step pattern. However, if you like your sounds to pulse, drive, motor, chug, or move in a range of other ways, SIGNAL comes thoroughly recommended.

Read more on Resident Advisor. And, check out SIGNAL for yourself to have fun with manipulating samples.