Output Platform Desk Assembly Instructions
Watch how it all comes together with assembly instructions for Platform, a desk for musicians.

You’ve got a Platform desk and now it’s time to put it together! You’ll need a drill and a second set of hands. If you don’t have a drill, a screwdriver will work but requires extra effort. Watch the video above for directions.

For a PDF version of the Platform desk assembly instructions, click here.

Once your desk is complete, it’s time for the keyboard tray (if you purchased one). Watch the video above for directions. Tip: get an extra 1.25″ clearance for your keyboard! Use only the top screws for the lowest possible setting and more room for your gear. This will hold up to 50 lbs securely.

For a PDF version of the Platform keyboard tray assembly instructions, click here.

Improve your workflow! Check out these gorgeous studios that use Platform desk.

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