Discover creative new ways to use Output instruments.

Perform Stutter Swells

Combine a pitch stutter with swells in REV.

Craft glossy ambiance

Create glossy ambience with REV using stutter, delay, reverb, and motion.

Create a lush pad

Use filter modulation to create and perform a lush pad in EXHALE.

Add polyrhythm to any sound

Create & perform a polyrhythm using macro controls to combine contrasting rhythms to any sound.

Edit individual slices in EXHALE

Change up the tune and starting points on individual EXHALE slices to turn factory preset ‘LOOPY’ into your own sound.

Simplify a complex preset

Simplify SUBSTANCE preset ‘Complex System’ by turning off the rhythm, turning off a layer, and making some quick edits.

Adding a simple arp

Add life to a factory preset by combining a simple arp and slow cutoff modulation.

Using factory presets as a starting point

Transform SUBSTANCE factory preset ‘Produced Upright’ into a completely new and unique sound in under 2 minutes.