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Output Perfect Pairs

Whether you’re creating lo-fi pop or cinematic soundscapes, our engines pair perfectly to get the job done.


Try running your favorite Arcade Kits trough portal to give them a fresh new vibe. In this video, we are using Portal’s Tremolo Shimmer preset on synths coming from Arcade to give them that floating, surreal texture.


Analog Brass & Winds x Analog Strings

Combine Analog Strings with Analog Brass and Winds to create everything from epic hybrid hits to delicate orchestral sounds. In the video, we made a Lo-fi beat using pluck sounds from Analog Strings and organic textures from Analog Brass and Winds.


Exhale x Substance

Layering heavy bass from Substance with vocal chops from Exhale is a formula that will never get old. Pair the 2 engines together to get that modern, pop sound.


REV x Signal

Looking for inspiration? Try one of our favorite tricks. Play the same chord progression trough REV and Signal to get a rich mix of reversed swells and pulsing instruments.


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