Last updated on October 2020

Whenever you assemble a modular system, your goals should be two-fold: to curate a great selection of synchronous circuits and to complete your vision of a dream instrument. 

While they are increasingly affordable and flexible, the best part about modular synthesizers is that they constantly evolve with your artistry, meaning you get to design what moves you.

Modular Music Is Stronger Than Ever

Comprised of individual modules – with each part having a specific number of functions –  the beauty lies in the uniqueness of each modular system. Since its initial rise to popularity in the 60s and 70s (thanks to pioneer Bob Moog and the abstract genius Don Buchla), there’s been a recent resurgence in modular music-making. 

Modular synthesis is still largely known as a fluid and experimental form of music-making whether you’re referencing the very first synth-based album (composed by Morton Subotnick using the BUCHLA 100 series on ‘Silver Apples On The Moon’) to more contemporary productions like FACT’s ‘Against The Clock’ series.

Though the technology and methodology have developed over the decades, certain specifications (like power supplies to form factors) have been standardized. Therefore, it’s crucial that users learn the basics before getting too far into the weeds.

Make Noise 0-coast bridges both philosophies of modular synthesis within a single instrument.

How to Build Your Modular Synth Knowledge

Before you buy any equipment, it’s important to gain a better understanding of modular sound design. We highly encourage you to brush up on the foundations of signal flow theory and control voltage manipulation to learn modular synthesis.

Once you understand the rules, you’ll be able to find your own unique approach (like Output creator & award-winning composer Mark Isham).

Watch how technology drives Mark’s creative process combining his classical mode of creating film scores on “Once Upon A Time” and “Electric Dreams” thanks to his obsession with analog synths and the entire Output suite.