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Keyboard Mag Review of REV

Jim Akin of Keyboard Mag offers his stamp of approval for REV. Check out what he had to say!

REV can be used to spice up almost any production, adding color where color is needed…  there’s nothing else like it.

If you need fresh sounds in your productions, REV is a set of colors you should definitely have on your palette.

REV is a revolution in software instruments, dedicated to flipping your perception of audio in reverse.

More than your standard DAW reverse function, REV is a four-part instrument packed with a world of sound based entirely on reverse elements for producers, composers, artists, DJs and sound designers. Each of the 4 parts of REV have their own unique sound engine loaded with over 14GB of content including synths, real instruments, multilayered organic pads, loops, rises, pulses, swells, stutters and more.



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