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In The Studio with P. Morris

“The sounds of Analog Strings are so expressive. When I press a key, it inspires me to create something new, especially in the heat of the moment.”



Production Techniques

P. Morris demonstrates production hacks from his studio rituals
to optimize your creative workflow in the studio and capture the magic of happy accidents.



Writing With Analog Strings

Get an in-depth look on how P. Morris gives form to a new song. Using Analog Strings as an initial spark,
making original beats, and shaping unique sounds by layering string elements together.



Collaborating With A Vocalist

P. Morris speaks on the role of the producer.
On being patient to keep ideas flowing and collaborating with artist Rahel to bring forward her vision.


Producer P. Morris is a Kansas native noted for his reflexive production style and making waves in Los Angeles with collective Bear Club Music Group. Give a listen to his exclusive mix at NTS Radio.


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Analog Strings is a virtual hybrid strings instrument designed for the modern music maker. Craft & perform insanely unique, beautifully expressive string sounds blending orchestral, classic synth, and creative sound sources.


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