How do we gain more fans and listeners of our music? It can be a tough struggle… but there are some easy and inexpensive ways to go about it. Us Output guys and gals have been using Facebook ads for the last few years and thought we’d share some of the techniques we’ve picked up along the way. So here you go…

Using Facebook ads, you’re going to target the fans of your influencers.

Take this scenario… If you make music similar to Phantogram and know their fans would probably dig your music too, then you should be targeting Facebook Posts to the fans of Phantogram. Currently, Phantogram has roughly 322,610 fans in what Facebook calls an ‘Interest Group’. These are people who have interacted with Phantogram (like, comment, share) and/or mentioned Phantogram on Facebook. If you reach 10% of that audience, that is 32,261 new ears and eyes. If 10% of that group click your Post and listen to your music, you can acquire 3,226 potential new fans.

“How much will I need to spend?”
$5 a day for any length of time you’d like. You can spend more but $5 can go a long way.

Why Facebook?

Facebook knows everyones interests, likes, and dislikes and it’s your turn to take advantage of that. By understanding how the ad system works, you can take advantage of the same tools and tactics used by large companies to growing your fan base.

“But isn’t it sleazy to target people like that?”
As long as your ad isn’t sleazy and overtly trying to “sell” the listener it’s not. The golden rule is to be genuine, honest, and speak to your new fans in the way you want to be spoken to.

Getting started

The Basic Necessities:

– A Facebook Page
– A Credit Card
– An understanding of general structure and layout of Facebook ads
(Learn all about that here)

Step-by-step guide

Before we start breaking it down, let’s talk about the “Boost Post” button next to your posts on your Facebook Page. Though the button is easy to activate and works fine, it lacks certain crucial ad options that save you money in the long run – so, we do not recommend it.

Step 1:
In Ad Manager, click ‘Create Ad’.

Step 2:
Name your ‘Campaign’ and select the ‘Objective’
We recommend Brand Awareness, Reach or Engagement. Click on ‘Objective’ type or hover over the “i” icon to learn description of each.

Step 3:
Name your ‘Ad Set’
An ‘Ad Set’ is a container holding individual ads.

Step 4:
Select the geographic location where your ads will be shown. You can type in “Worldwide” to cover the globe or get more specific with countries and cities.

Step 5:
Select the demographic or characteristics of your target audience. The more specific, the better. If the majority of your listeners are ages 18-30, then select that age group to optimize your budget to the right people.

Step 6:
‘Detailed Targeting’ is where you dive into the details. Input your “target” interests or topics (i.e. Influencers, Artists, Brands, Categories). As always, the more specific, the better the performance of your ads.

Recommendations of relevant topics or interests will show up as well, as you will keep a fresh list of targeted keywords and influencers with each growing campaign. Note that not all artists or topics will show up.

Step 7:
Select a ‘Connection’ to your Facebook Page. Exclusions can be just as important for targeting the right audience, so decide on whether you wish to specify targeting for (1) Your Fans (2) Friends of Fans (3) Exclude Fans

Step 8:
Select your placement(s). Mobile, Instagram, Desktop (News Feed, Right Column), etc.

Step 9:
Set your budget – either to continuously run or with end date and time.

Step 10:
Create Ad.

Creating an effective ad

Effective ad performance is a very deep topic, but here are some tips you need to know.

Tip #1
Video ads are typically the way to go. The viewer can listen to your music and watch the video while linking to your website or landing page for additional information. It’s a good 2-for-1 deal.

Tip #2
The key to building successful ads is to consider the user experience. If your ad is a single image with a link…
Where does the link lead? What is in it for them? Is it visually appealing and informative or just eye candy?

Tip #3
Capturing viewer attention is crucial, as the Facebook newsfeeds are crowded with cat and political posts. Ask yourself what will make them pause for your ad — the graphic and text should be consistent and visually captivating, and the video should start with a bang!

Track your results

Once your ad is running, keep tabs on the performance. Track how many views, clicks, engagements (likes/comments/shares) are aggregating in the Ad Manager of Facebook Business. Test out different videos and images to see which ones perform the best. The smallest changes can make a big difference.

In conclusion

There you have it. One trick for gaining more listeners and growing your fan base using Facebook Ads. Give it a try and let us know if it worked for you.