There are few soundscapes as unique (and as terrifying) as foley and scary sound effects when used correctly. If you’re itching to sink your teeth into edgy sounds for your next movie score, you’re in luck. We present the Nightmare Line in Arcade. From bone-chilling screeches to booming thunder, let’s dive into some of the sounds that make the Nightmare Line a great fit for a movie score or a haunting dubstep banger.


Create intensity and drama with sounds from the Nightmare Line. Map out creepy Loops with stereo imaging for your listeners — there’s nothing more frightening than feeling like a sound is approaching you from behind or circling around your head.

The Nightmare Line has tons of Kits to find the perfect goosebump-inducing sound. Rifle through the End Is Nigh Kit for eerie scrapes and piano drones. There’s even a preset called Creaturefolding — don’t you want to know what that sounds like?

The Rip Apart Kit has field recording loops like haunting heartbeats, scratches, and screams. The Razor Blade Kit takes care of your high-end frequencies with nerve-wracking sounds for tension and energy in a track. Check out the Industrial Storm Kit for loops and one-shots that are perfect FX risers or sizzle for an ambient intro.

Last, the Deadly Creatures Kit is full of theatric sound effects like animal noises, racing cars, and freakishly ambiguous moans and growls. Explore this Line in Arcade and discover the rest of the samples in Nightmare.

Don’t forget that every single Kit in Arcade features completely customizable samples and loops. Each sample can be played with a press of a button and edited exactly to your liking with macro sliders that introduce FX like reverb, space, and detuning. Nightmare is only one Line out of many in Arcade. Give it a try and find Lines dedicated to orchestral sounds, the music of Latin America, house music, and more.

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