New Line in Arcade: Hooked
From cinematic to pop, hear how Hooked vocals can bring excitement and originality to your tracks.

Digging through hundreds of websites that promise high-quality vocal sample packs can be an arduous task. It’s even harder if you’re looking for a specific type of vocal, like the perfect falsetto, something soulful, or a hype shout.

With a loop synthesizer like Arcade, you have unlimited access to new content uploaded daily. The best part is that each vocal sample pack in the Hooked Line by Arcade is completely customizable. Once you find a vocal you like, use the Arcade keyboard with its modifier buttons and macro sliders: Space, Hype, Radio, and Wave. Tweak it to make it your own without using any other tools.

Let’s walk through a few of the newest Samplers available in the Hooked Line. From cinematic to pop, hear how Hooked vocals can bring excitement and originality to your tracks.


Explore the Heart Broken Sampler to find pitched-down and chopped-up velvety male vocals. If you want to highlight bittersweet lyrics about lost love, this is the Sampler to use. (This Sampler is also perfect for a Dvsn-inspired track.) The Others Sampler brings forth lonely lyrics that we set on top of an airy, melancholic beat. These female vocals are modulated and sliced into a super smooth R&B vocal sample pack.

Next up, what could be better than a Sampler named Oh Baby? These female vox samples are all about confessing you caught feelings for that special someone. Use these tender one-shots and the silky vocals from the Anonymous Heart Sampler to make a romantic track.

Last, the Effervescent Sampler follows through with uptempo male vocals that lock you in more and more each time you repeat them. Life pro tip: Use the reverse modifier to whip up a catchy melodic rap beat with these vocals.

Finding the perfect vocal sample pack does not have to be chore. With Arcade, we make it as easy as pressing a button.

Find all these sounds and more popular music loops in Arcade — new users get a free trial.

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