EXHALE & SIGNALl By Output Ask.Audio's top 5

Ask.Audio just announced their top five Kontakt instruments and EXHALE and SIGNAL took two out of the five spots. We’re honored!

“Dubbed a ‘modern vocal engine,’ EXHALE truly lives up to its name. In fact, exhaling is likely the first thing you’ll be doing in awe of the sounds coming from your monitor speakers. There really hasn’t ever been an instrument like this before. With EXHALE, you’ve got access to oodles of vocal samples that have been lovingly recorded, warped in ways you can’t even begin to imagine, and then sliced/looped to perfection. You can play it like an instrument, loop it like a loop library, trigger slices like a sampler… It’s all at your fingertips and it’s pretty damned amazing.

“Output scores two instruments on this list, but only because they’re both incredibly unique and will bring quite a bit of diversity to your Kontakt library. SIGNAL is a ‘pulse engine’ which will give you a seemingly endless supply of synths with motion elements.

“One of my favorite aspects of SIGNAL is the little hints you get from the developer when choosing a sound. Right below the preset window, you get a short explanation of the macro controls, or perhaps some guidance on what the original sound was and what types of situations it was intended for. I kind of wish everyone provided that much insight into their preset design!”

Check out the complete list from Ask.Audio and grab EXHALE and SIGNAL to use on your next track!