Dubspot Reviews Signal: “Monster Sound Design Tool”
“SIGNAL is absolutely brilliant; it will find a home in every project!” Dubspot has officially fallen in love with SIGNAL.

Dubspot has officially fallen in love with SIGNAL and offered the stamp of approval in their review.

“This uniquely expressive virtual instrument harnesses a massive 40GB library that combines the warmth of analog and beautiful sounding digital synths with a diverse collection of sampled organic instruments. After an extensive run with this innovative music-maker, there’s no denying that SIGNAL is truly capable of creating infinitely unique pulses for an entirely new type of sound.

“It is an incredibly thought out instrument capable of crafting simple or complex rhythmic sequences. I found it extremely intuitive to use and think it’s suitable for many different styles of music. Simply loading a preset and playing with the macro sliders was enough inspiration to get my music-making gears turning. The simplicity of the user interface is immensely intriguing and devilishly addictive. SIGNAL has certainly earned the top spot in my Kontakt library and will more than likely find its way into many of my productions.”

Read more on Dubspot, and make sure to grab SIGNAL for yourself to play around and get musical inspiration.

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