Use Arcade’s modifiers by holding down a black key whilst playing a loop on the white keys to easily transform any loop and make it your own.

What are modifiers?

Modifiers are powerful tools that quickly transform samples into new and exciting patterns. Our 3 types of fully customizable modifiers include: Resequence, which creates a whole new sequence out of the original loop; Playhead, which can jump to different points in the audio; Repeater, which repeats different sections at various speeds.

See resequence in action

The Resequence Modifier allows you to reorder the playback of a loop. You can set up to 16 different markers on a Loop, and sequence through them in the number of steps and order that you choose.

See playhead in action

The Playhead modifier provides alternative speeds, direction of playback and marker positions for all Loops in a Kit. Great for performing quick reverse turnarounds, speed changes, or jumping to a particular point in Loops at the press of a key.

See repeater in action

Repeater pretty much does what it sounds like and quite a bit more. In essence, it repeats a segment of the Loop according to the set Repeat Rate. You can also play the repeats in reverse, sequence the volume of each repeat, and lock the repeated area to the neared grid value based on beat division.