You can already dig into your grandfather’s record collection for royalty-free samples in The Crate from Arcade. But what about your Dad’s record collection? Honoring our fathers today with a playlist of their favorite jams from back in the day. 

“Introducing – Diego Perey. His favorite album has got to be Prince’s Purple Rain!”

– Patrick Perey, Software Developer

“My dad, Jay, is the biggest reason I’m into music and music tech. He was a massive music fan and audiophile. My passion for speaker design is due to his passion for speaker design. Favorite record: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young – Deja Vu.”

– J.C. Sutherland, VP of Hardware

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“Here’s a photo of my Dad from before he had me, this might have been senior year in high school or something. Two of his favorite bands were Chicago and Journey — with Chicago being his #1 for as long as I could remember.”

– Bruce Dawson, Software Engineer

“Papa Peloubet in the middle of this photo, I think this was college, late 70’s. Favorite Band: Deep Purple.”

– Phil Peloubet, Production Coordinator

“‘Your Song’ by Elton John.”

– Pick Bickmore, Field Director of Sound Design

“Aldo Nova – ‘Fantasy'”

– Garrett Burnett, Developer

“The Amazing Rhythm Aces – Too Stuffed To Jump.”

“Got two dads (and my biological dad looks exactly like me). Favorite album: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. In his words, The Beatles discovered LSD and made an album that didn’t sound like anything anyone had ever heard.”

– Ryan Furuyama, UX Designer

“His name is Randy Jones, and I definitely owe my pops for my musical chops. His favorite album is The Beatles’ Abbey Road.”

– Wes Jones, Sound Designer

“This is Dan Nerad, or Dad Nerad as he’s known as in my phone. His favorite records: Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young: Deja Vu, Jimmy Hendrix: Electric Ladyland, The Beatles: White Album.”

– Emily Nerad, Marketing Director

“Here’s a picture of the best dad ever… or Big Ben for short. Favorite Track: ‘Another Brick in the Wall, Pt.2’ – Pink Floyd.”

– Will Proulx, Growth Marketing Manager

“Before I saw these responses, I would have thought every dad’s favorite records were Highway 61, Stardust and the White Album… and whichever Kingston Trio album has ‘MTA’ on it.”

– Isaac Lubow, Web Development

“Alan Lehrman rocking his high school football jersey. My dad lives and breathes music … and passed his love for it to me at an early age. Without him, there is no Output. Favorite Band – probably The Beatles.”

– Gregg Lehrman, CEO & Founder

“Meet my dad, Jim Pollock. Apparently this picture was captured when he ‘was so innocent’. Abbey Road is his favorite album of all: ‘Lots of meaningful music & lyrics. It’s still great to listen to.'”

– Lindsey Pollock, Design Ops