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Believe The Buzz – ARCADE

Hear what the experts around the world love about Arcade.

“It’s great to see this ground-up creation… I absolutely adore that you can load your own samples.”

“An ingenious solution to creating and reshaping loops.”

“Output suit de près l’évolution de l’industrie et propose avec Arcade une solution de composition musicale évolutive basée sur un synthé à boucles.”

“This thing is just incredible. It’s a beast.”

“A boon for media composers the world over, Output’s Arcade delivers a stack of sound worlds that are updated daily for endless inspiration.”

“With Arcade, Output is entering uncharted waters. It’s something rare in the world of plugins: a whole new category.”

“I’m not going to mince my words on this one… it’s simply awesome.”

“Everything is editable and tweakable. Of course, this is Output.”

“물론 자신이 하는 장르나 스타일에 맞는 사운드 라이브러리가 계속 꾸준하게 공급된다는 전체하에 말입니다.”

“Das amerikanische Unternehmen Output hat das Geheimnis gelüftet und präsentiert Arcade, ein flexibles Loop-Instrument für die DAW mit einem sehr neuen Ansatz.”


“Arcade takes a different track than most plug-ins.”

“Arcade 最大的优势在于“快”—— 你只需要双击看中的 Loop,分分钟这个 Loop 就变成音源了.”

“Ahora bien, no se trata de un mero reproductor de loops, sino de un completo sistema de transformación de sonidos desde la manipulación de la fuente.”

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