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We are proud to announce Ask Audio has selected SUBSTANCE Bass Engine
as one of the best, stand-out Kontakt instruments of 2016!


“SUBSTANCE is an extremely powerful and awesome-sounding bass toolbox that goes far beyond what you might have used before.”

See the complete product lineup on Ask Audio.


Here’s what they are saying:

“Stylistically there’s a huge amount you can do with SUBSTANCE. While the most immediately gratifying patches might include the crushing, pulsating dubstep wobbles, there’s more subtle fare available too so it’s just as good working as a bass instrument for more conventional genres. You’ll even get a lot of mileage out of it if you’re designing sound, since the processing tools mean it’s not difficult to create textures and soundscapes just as easily as pounding basslines.”

Check out the full product review here.

A Completely New Breed of Bass

SUBSTANCE is a deeply produced bass engine — combining heavily processed electric and acoustic basses, real brass sections, the dirtiest analog synths, and insane sound design to make your low end sound unlike anything you’ve heard.


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